Sweet Things for Sweet People

I'm Barb and this is Sweet Bauer Knits. It all started when my first son was born. I got this urge to teach myself to knit - what baby doesn't need a zillion hats to fling out the of the stroller. As my sons grew and delved into the world of toys, I did too. Now I make hats and toys and things for other sweet kids.

I'm often asked how I come up with my patterns. I wish I could develop a slick answer, but, simply, one idea evolves into another. I may start with a bird but then see a mouse which will later become a part of some other creation. I love this process and I love creating new things all the time.

This type of work runs deep in my family - almost like a reflex. Maybe that is why I was seized with the need to make things for my own. My grandmother raised sheep on her farm in Poland. She dyed and spun the wool to later knit and crochet lovely and practical garments as well as elaborate decorative sculpture pieces. My grandfather was a tailor when he first came to this country. I have and still use some of the same tools that he used.

All my items are made with natural and eco-friendly materials - things I would choose for my own children. Sweet Bauer hats and toys are made with silky cottons, soft baby alpaca fibers, and smooth merino wools.

I love what I do - every aspect of it. Thank you for reading!

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